Your Concierge Guide to Sri Lanka

Greetings from Sri Lanka!

Concierge Sri Lanka Is Your Concierge Guide To Sri Lanka

My name is L. S. Duminda Pathiratna. Professional Hotel Chief Concierge( Les Clefs d’Or) from Sri Lanka. The photography on the web page are my personal collection of photographs which I used to email travelers on request prior arrive to Sri Lanka. I learn Professional Photography from my parents.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist nation which follows 70% from total population.The Cultural heritage of Sri Lanka is back to 2500 years. It is famous for 360 year around sunny beaches. Gems, tea plantation, spicy products, handicraft products.

Thank you, Duminda Pathiratna. Concierge Clefs d'Or

Kandy,The last kingdom of Sri Lankan Kings

Kandy,Royal Capital of Sri Lanka. It can be referred as Lat Kingdom of Sri Lankan Kings.Temple of Tooth Relic is the most sacred place for entire Buddhist World which has the most Tourist attraction of your Kandy Journey. Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy Lake, ancient temples, Royal Forest, Ceylon Tea Museum and Tea Estates are some of the Tourist attraction sites.Kandy had declared a UNESCO WORLD Heritage City year 1988.

Galle, a City of Down South

Galle, A costal city of a Down south in Sri Lanka. It is famous for Dutch fort which was date back to 400 years. Travel to Galle directly of Highway or Costal road. Costal Way has more tourist attractions such places are Kalutara Buddhist Temple, Turtle Conservation centre, God Temples, Corel Gardens, Sea Diving Centre & Star Class Hotels.

Galle is the administrative capital of Southern region of Sri Lanka.

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