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Golden Cave Temple, Dambulla

Dambulla Cave Temple I km from Dambulla Town. Dambulla will be main city to Historical site Sigiriya. Cave temple of Dambulla declared as UNESCO Heritage site year 1991. It is 350ft height from ground level.

Visitor who enter first see Golden temple ( Rangiri Dambulu Viharaya), footsteps through left corner leads to Cave temple

Dambulla Cave temple was occupied by Buddhist Monks before 1st century BC. The inscriptions written on stone rock in Brahmi form that there was one king of Abaya( Wattagamini Abaya, 89 to77BC) then cave temple was popular among Buddist Monks. It was a shelter for King Abaya when South Indians invades Anuradhapura Kingdom.
Sinhalese King Nissanka Malla being a foreigner Visit Dambulla often and built 73 Buddhist statues of Buddha in the cave. Cave wall and stone ceiling covered of frescos. There are total 5 image houses built in rock cave.

Cave 01. Dew Raja Viharaya.

This cave referred to this name that the finishing touches has done by God Sakra( King of Gods). The Buddha statue is Parinirvana(last moment) pose 47 feet in wide. Statues of God Vishnu in corner of house & Arahath Mahinda Tero the great discipline Buddha.

Пещера 01. Dew Раджа Вихарайа.

Эта пещера называется этим именем , что штрихи сделал Богом Сакры ( Король Богов ) . Статуя Будды Паринирвана ( последний момент ) поза 47 футов в ширину. Статуи бога Вишну в углу дома и Arahath Махинда Теро великая дисциплина Будды

Cave 02. Maha Raja Viharaya, Temple of the Great King

This has followed by name done by King Vatta Gamini Abaya. 53 Images in the cave. All Buddhist statues are larger than life size. Picture of Great King Dutu Gamunu at his combat with Indian king Elara has draw on wall.

Cave 03. Maha Aluth Viharaya.

Cave 04. Pascima Viharaya

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Cave 05. Dewana Aluth Viharaya.

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God Temples

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Stone Inscription

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