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Concierge Association of Sri Lanka.
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History of Redee Viharaya, Kurunagala.

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RideeViharaya a national heritage of Sri Lanka. Ridee mean "Silver" had been obtained to decorate Stupa Ruwanwali Maha Saya. Ancient times a road lead to hil country near this temple. Merchants who travel road saw furits in Jack tree offer to Buddhist monk who is meditating near. It is said that this Buddhist monk show a direction to merchants where they found silver. So merchants inform this to King Dutugamunu who collected this silver to decorate ancient Stupa Ruwanwali Maha Saya.
There are eveidence that large number of Buddhist monks stay in meditation nearby Caves. 8 caves from 25 has identified in Brahmin Script archeologist Mr. Senarath Paranawithana. The artifacts of Excavation in the caves revealed these belong to three period of national history Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Kandyan period.
The main viharaya located within large cave with 2 decorative guard stones reflect Kandyan period. Among the statues in the main Vihara is the golden statue. Other large statues are pose of Passing away of Buddha. 1000 Buddha paintings on wall.

How to get there,

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Guard Stone.

Two guard stones with excellent carvings in upper temple.

Waraka Waladu Viharaya

This carved out of Rock belong to Pollonaruwa Period. Represent style of Mandapa with stone pillars in the style of Hindu Temple.


beautiful moonstone with varied carvings at the foot of Guard stone. 2 dragon carvings indicate this belong to Kandyan period.

Battle of Rama Ravana

Three Instances in the battel of Rama, Ravana

Sitting Buddha

Behind the seating Buddha 1000 buddha paintings.30 feet of recling Buddha represent passing away of Buddha, Parinirvana.

Sarasum Gala

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This is where oldest of Redee viharaya temple situated neat this “Chayatheya- Stupa”. This is the place where ancient devotees wash, take rest. Ones can see cluster of ponds scattered in the area.