Sigiriya, Lions Rock
by Chief Concierge L.S. Duminda Pathiratna
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Sightseeing of Sigiriya

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Sigiriya, A UNESCO world Heritage Site.
Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka's ancient political capital and most sensational heritage site in 5th century. It boasts City planning, hydraulic engineering, fine art paintings and gardening. The rock of Sigiriya which is the focal point of the entire site has a height of 180m from ground level, 350m from sea level.
According to historic research carried out Sigiriya site that origin of Sigiriya date back to pre historic times. A rock outcrop on eastern side named " Alagala ( Elephant Rock)", in a cave underneath this excavation has revealed human settlements existed here around 5500 years B. P. Addition there is a evidence of human habitation 9th to 10th centuries.
In the 3rd century B.C. a Buddhist monastery had been established at Sigiriya which accommodated monks.
All the principal structures found today in Sigiriya have been erected during the reign of King Kasyapa I ( AD 477-495).

Opening timings 07:00am to 07:00pm

1. Sigiriya Museum

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Sigiriya Museum Explore three decades of archeological research and cultural values. Sigiriya entrance tickets valid to enter museum same time. The museum exhibit belongings to pre historic ( 10,000 years ago) age of human settlements, early Buddhist monastic period, King Kasayapa period, Second phase of Buddhist monastry12 to 13th centuries such as tools used, jewels, sculptors, human skeleton.

2. Rampart.

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The Sigiriya city plan bears a rectangular shape and runs westwards and eastwards from the main rock. The high ramparts and deep moats defending the complex divide it in to two distinct precincts locate to east5 and west of central rock.

3. City Planning

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4. Landscape Gardening

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The lake

5. Boulder Garden.

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6. Lion Staircase

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7. Palace Complex

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The .

8. Paintings

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There are

9. Mirror wall and Graffiti

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