Pilgrimage to Sri Pada, Adems Peak

The first royal devotee who visited Sri Pada was Great Sinhalese King Walagamba during 29-17 BC.

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God Sumana Saman and Sri Pada

This sacred mountain is popularly known as Sri Pada since ancient times.
Sri Pada third highest mountain, 2243 m height in peak which spread 22280 hectares. Due to the tropical forest of Sri Pada it has been declared as a wild life sanctuary since 25 Oct 1940. Sri Padha is also known as Samanala Kanda (Butterfly Mountain) due to the swarms of Butterflies that surround the sides of the mountain with the beginning of the season.
According to the ancient beliefs, God Sumana Saman is the guardian or the pre siding deity of Sri Pada, thus also known as “ Samantha Kuta”
“Adams Peak”, “Rathnagiri”, “Swargarhanam” are few synonyms used for Sri Pada.
According to Historical information, Sinhalese King Walagamba was the first royal Devotee who visit Sri Pada During 29-17 B.C.

Information to traveler.

Sri Pada pilgrimage season stats from full moon poya day of December to next year full moon poya day on May( 5 to 6 months). Other months from June to December heavy rain and thundering may end your journey.
Over 2500 years Buddhist in Sri Lanka considering Sri Pada as a Buddhist pilgrimage while other religion also visit there.
The most convenient road to Sri pada is Nallathanniya roda ( Hatton side). Colombo fort train depart daily in schedule.At your destination of Hattion railway station pick up, a bus to Nallathanniya junction.

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